Green office furniture is one new way to help preserve the environment as well as the health of the employees working in your office each day. Although many furniture manufacturers are still using age-old processes that continue to harm the environment from their means of production, at Corporate Concepts, Inc., our Knoll furniture takes care of you, your employees, and the environment we share. At Knoll, we are LEED certified, which means that we manufacture our furniture according to green building standards. LEED design means that we are a steward of our resources by reducing CO2 emissions, saving on energy and resource consumption, and becoming more efficient in all manner of production.

By utilizing our corporate office furniture, you can create green office spaces and become a leader yourself in the LEED projects that are springing up in cutting edge corporate offices around the world. As you can see from the images below, utilizing a green interior design does not mean that you have to cut corners on comfort, efficiency or beauty. We provide all types of furniture that will be an asset to your office, including cubicle office furniture to save on space, and ergonomic office furniture to save your employees’ lumbar health. Contact us today to build your collection of green office furniture.